Tailored Healthcare Services For the Elderly

JD Washington Health Care is a global healthcare agency based in Canada, providing flexible temporary and permanent staff in medical recruitment. From doctors and nurse practitioners, to nurses and carers, our dedicated team work closely with our public and private clients.


One of our core service is customised healthcare service for the elderly, we ensure we provide the qualified professional to attend to the elderly.

There is increasing pressure on medical providers and healthcare professionals globally, and we understand that having the right staff in the right roles has never been so important.

We strive for transparency so that both nurses and the hospitals sponsoring them are fully aware of their options, and can make the most of them. We provide complete and accurate information to employers about the health worker qualifications, education and experience.


Top Medical Professionals

We take time to understand your qualifications, your experience and your ambitions, to ensure that you’re happy in every placement. We recruit the best candidates and we do that by being the best healthcare staffing provider.

As healthcare recruiters, we’re only as good as our last candidate. That’s why we see our doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals as our colleagues and not simply candidates to place.

We are dedicated to matching you to the right job, because your success is our success.


Child Care

We provide compassionate, comprehensive care that is centered around your child’s physical, mental, and emotional needs as they develop. Because of our core values, we are in the process of becoming a Patient-Centered Medical Service.

Our team includes board-certified pediatricians, nurse practitioners, nurses, a pediatric nutritionist, and a special needs expert.

We strongly believe in the full circle of care to help your child reach their greatest potential. Our team collaborate with each other, with our on-staff specialists, and with you as a parent to ensure your child receives the care they need during each developmental stage.

Should your child require a referral to an off-site specialist, we continuously communicate with the specialist to monitor your child’s progress throughout their course of treatment.