Welcome To JD Washington Group Inc

JD Washington Group Inc. is a Canada based Oil and Gas Servicing company

We provide a wide range of service in engineering design and consultancy, procurement, expediting and logistics, installations and commissioning. spares, construction and fabrication  Oil field development,  operation and maintenance, Drilling and Marine maintenance, Technical support services to the energy, oil, gas, power Sector, Petrochemical and aviation.


    Our mission is to pay close attention to the details while delivering cost-effective services to our clients on a long term basis. The client’s relationship that we’ve developed over the years are as important to us as the jobs themselves from start to finish, every project receives our utmost care and attention.


    Our goal is to increase stakeholders.Most importantly, stakeholders who own the business (company), employees who work for the business (company) and clients or customers who purchase our products/services from the business (company).


    Our Vision is to become the World’s leading Oil and Gas Company serving in the global market. This will enable us to reach a wild range of customers Locally, internationally and other wise. It is our profound desire to be a world class company that our clients can rely on for world class services in any given time and geographical location.


    Our team’s objective is to create distinctive conceptualized ideas and developed streamline methods of creating that which best suits each project specially. We also provide our clients with reliable and expedient information throughout the phase of the project, ensuring well- informed decision making that ultimately enhances the quality of our final services. The direction we provide is based on a thorough knowledge of the sector and our client’s specific needs.


Our marine & offshore logistics are well positioned to respond to the oilfield needs of our clients. We have at our disposal, the technology to deliver prompt and efficient services within our region of operations backed by the expertise of our technical partners and employees.
We are capable of supplying the following type of vessels and much more:

* Crew Boats : We also provide anchored or dynamic positioned crew boats for transporting employees of client companies from the shore to offshore locations like drilling rigs, platforms and other remote installations offshore. These boats are of different varieties and can be customized to our client’s requirement and specification on request.

* Supply and Utility Vessels: We also provide supply and utility vessels to our clients for logistic support and transportation of goods, tools, equipment and personnel to and fro offshore oil platforms and other offshore structures.

* Escort and Patrol Vessels: We also have vessels which can be used to escort cargo and personnel,to and fro offshore oil platforms and other offshore structures.

* Other Maritime Assets: Based on our strategic alliances in the maritime sector, we also have the ability to sort,on a bare boat basis from different maritime hubs in the world.Our partners have the ability to provide PSV, Tug boats and Barges.


JD  Washington Group Inc. competencies include a vast range of engineering and construction capabilities that cater for the diverse needs of its projects and clients in all over the world. We deliver world-class services to some of the largest and most respected companies in the Oil & Gas sector, striving at all times to add value to the activities of our customers and partners.

We specialize in both on-shore and off-shore delivery with an extensive services portfolio including:

* Drilling.

* Dredging.

* Pipelines.

* Heavy Duty Procurement.

* Refineries Construction

* Gas Turbine Construction.

With our strategic partnerships and commitment to excellence, we have the potential to design and execute turnkey projects in accordance with our client’s desire for scheduled deliverables, deadlines and milestones.

Our vast network of technical partners and manufacturers around the globe makes us capable of supplying our clients with the most comprehensive choice of equipment for their Seismic, Exploration & Production Operations.

Furthermore, to complement our Supply Chain Management service, we use the best and latest business management software within our procurement solution, so as to be able to offer all our clients full implementation and support, focusing on their purchasing needs and requirements.

Whether it is for one or one-thousand items, procurement is a key element in response to the demands of an ever increasingly demanding market place. Therefore, using the best that technology has to offer increases the competitiveness of our procurement solution, also providing us greater visibility and control.

As a result of this, the level of procurement services we provide our clients will afford them the following:
* Reduced cost
* Reduced risk
* Increased operational efficiency and timely delivery.
* Unparalleled customer service
* Value added services

JD Washington Group Inc. has a portfolio of diversified project experiences. We have also demonstrated world’s best practice in oil and gas projects utilizing innovative technology and technical expertise unparalleled in the industry. Services such as Procurement and Supply of Wilden Diaphragm Pumps, Procurement and Supply of Mc Daniel Controls Pressure Gauges, Procurement and Supply of WKM Dynaseal: Ball Valves, Procurement, Supply of Ashcroft Pressure Gauges and a lot more of such procurements have been offered to various International Oil Companies(IOC).

We procure & supply petroleum products such as: Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gasoline Oil (AGO), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) to both our upstream and downstream clients. We have developed a reputation for providing high quality and reliable services to our customers. This exceptional delivery record and operational performance has resulted in developing an extensive network of customers and suppliers worldwide.

In handling the products we supply, our management ensures that we observe all Inter-national Environment, Health and Safety Standards.

Over the past few years we have supplied  Metric Tonnes of AGO, PMS and DPK and have the capability to supply Rigs, Platforms and Production Facilities on a weekly or other frequently repeated basis.

Our extensive experience encompasses a broad range of subsea inspection and facilities maintenance. From routine to extreme, our diving vessels are fully equipped to handle the most requested to the most complex inspection requirements.

Facility maintenance services and Intervention and repair services; We leverage on our partner’s extensive experience and her world’s largest work class ROV fleet to solve client’s issue. This leads to cost-effective and innovative solutions that safely and efficiently solve our customer’s subsea challenges.

Detailed planning and performance of inspection, monitoring and repair activities; We have reliable foreign partners with unrivalled technology in subsea inspection services (ROV, AUV, CP)

Our ranges of ROVs have the capability of Remote Piloting and Automated Control (RPACT), Tool Instructed Path (TIP) and Real Time Communication Systems.

* Maintenance, Repairs and Operation of platforms, processing plants and Drill sites.

* Integrated service package for Gas Turbines, Heat Exchangers & Subsea Control Systems.

JD  Washington Group Inc deploy all levels of technical, operational and managerial professionals to companies in the local and International oil and gas industry for positions consistent with the best interest of our clients.

We employ a dedicated team of professional recruitment specialists with vast experience in the Oil & Gas as well as other industries.

We have an extensive database of highly skilled personnel and experts with vast years of cumulative experience. We provide Project Management Solutions to meet client’s project needs at every stage of the business process either through the life span of the project or at different stages of the project while keeping operating costs in-line with budget.


JD Washington Group Inc. and its employees Execute all its activities in such a manner that :

  • Give the highest priority to the Health, Safety and Security of all Employees and Members of the public.

  • Continually accesses environment impact of its activities and reduce it to a level as low as possible

  • HSE meetings are held at least once every month.

  • Tool box meetings are held every morning before commencement of work.

  • Being sensitive to the needs of the community.